Spanish Yoyo Nationals 2011 will be held 21st-23rd October at Conservatorio Municipal Montserrat Caballé (Arganda del Rey), in collaboration with Ayuntamiento de Arganda del Rey.

During those days there will be a lot of activities: the contest itself, yoyoing lessons, yoyo olimpic games, etc. By the way, full schedule is not confirmed yet.

Registration for the players will open middle September. Attending the contest will be free of charge, as well as competing in any division for people under 16. All spanish association members and foreign players can compete for free as well.

The contest itself will be on Saturday 22nd, with these divisions available:

  • 1A Advanced (1 min, spanish players)
  • 1A Professional (3 min, spanish players)
  • 1A Open (3 min, foreign players)
  • X-División (3 min, spanish and foreign)

You can check the rules here (in spanish).

We are still talking with people at the City Hall, but we can say we will offer free accomodation to sleep on friday and saturday nights (sunday not confirmed). They will provide us a gimnasium or communitary rooms to sleep on the floor with a mat or sleeping bag. There will be heating system, bathrooms and showers. Rules to stay are simple: no smoking or eating inside, keep the place as clean as possible and use common sense all the time. So you only have to come here and join us.

For those who are “old enough” to feel sleeping on the floor a pain, we are working in a deal with an hotel in town. They will probably sponsor us with cheaper rooms. We will update with that info as soon as possible

If you are using public transport, you can choose bus or underground.

There are two bus lines wich stops very close to the auditorium. Probably the best is taking line 312 or 312A from Conde de Casal square, but lines 311 o 311A are good too. Buses are marked as Argabus company, and you can check all their information here.

If you are using underground, to reach Arganda you need line 9, but you will have to change trains at Puerta de Arganda station (TFM). Once in Arganda underground station, you can walk to the venue (about 20 minutes) or take a bus (lines L4 or L5) and go down at Camino del Molino stop (map here)

If you are coming from Madrid-Barajas Airport it’s very easy. The best route is probably using underground line 8 at the airport and change trains in Colombia station. From there is direct to Arganda (with train change at Puerta de Arganda station as said before). Another option is using underground from the airport to Conde de Casal station (line 6) and change to bus there, but it’s a longer and more expensive route.

The auditorium address is: Calle Mar de Alborán, s/n, 28500 Arganda del Rey (Madrid).